Thursday 17th of January 2019

The Information Revolution

Search engine optimisation

Not all companies want to outsource the task of optimising their website for the major Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo & MSN. If you have a competent webmaster who has time available, then the answer could well be to train or coach your own personnel.

This course can last for a day or it can be a training course over a longer period, with specific objectives, usually designed to use your existing website on which to apply the learning. 

Making your website really work for you

Most companies have a website nowadays, but how many of these companies are using their website as a sharp instrument in their marketing & sales toolkit?

This one day course is designed for business managers. It is not a technical course for webmasters or web designers.

The course will uncover the incredible marketing opportunities available today through the web and how the Internet can be made an integral part of the overall PR & marketing strategy for your company.

Local Area Networking (LAN) for executives

This one day course is aimed at senior managers and executives.  The course cuts through the technical jargon and explains in simple language,  all you need to know about LANs and how the technology can push up your business performance. 

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