Thursday 17th of January 2019

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PR & Marketing Services.....improve your profit

Expertise in market segment opportunity identification, product development, balancing product portfolios, market led cost reduction and PR.


Are your costs too high?

Every company needs to keep an eye on its costs.  But how can you reduce those costs and have a positive impact on your sales and profits?

By carrying out a detailed and systematic product portfolio review we can help you achieve a lower cost base, improve sales and simplify your process.

This is a proven method of achieving improved profits, so why not contact us to find out more.


Do you have the best product on the market, but it's not selling?

This is a common problem that many small and medium size businesses face. 

Since you are reading this, you have taken the first step in correcting the problem. By using a Public Relations (PR) expert you can communicate to a wider audience.


Do you sometimes wish you had 1000 sales people?

How many customers can you and your sales force see in a month? Not enough!

The most effective campaigns use a mix of face to face contact, advertising, a professional website, mailshots and PR.  The larger companies usually employ a marketing team dedicated to ensuring that the mix is balanced and effective. They are also crucial in the product development process.

So what if your company is not the Bluechip giant and therfore you assume that you cannot afford to dedicate resource?

There is a way!

By tapping into our resource you can benefit from extensive business to business marketing expertise without the large fixed overhead.

Imagine being able to reach 80% of the market with your product.

Imagine a new product that matches all of your competitors' benefits and has that extra special one that sets you apart.

Imagine the increased sales and profits!



What is PR and why do I want to use it?

PR offers several unique qualities, it is all the activities that an organisation does to communicate with target audiences.

  • PR is very believable: news stories, features and events seem more real and believable to readers than ads do
  • PR can reach many prospects who avoid salespeople and advertisements, since the message gets to the buyers as ' news' rather than as a sales-directed communication
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