Thursday 17th of January 2019

The Information Revolution

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Can you think of anything more devastating than losing your company data?

Many businesses will not survive such a catastrophe...and yet, the evidence is that the vast majority of businesses do not have a rigorous backup policy.  And even more worrying, few companies have reliable off-site data storage. 

 The impact of data loss is too great to take the risk.  

We offer you a safe and cost effective solution that automatically stores all your business critical data off-site. No need to worry about expensive backup servers, unreliable magnetic tape systems or possible omission of a regular backup.  

A few hundred pounds a year may be all you need to buy you peace of mind and security.  

No human intervention - All done automatically -

Selected files are automatically compressed and then transferred from your computer or server via the Internet to our secure data centre for maximum security.

An additional secure backup is also made to an on-site hard drive for quick local restore.

Extremely fast backup process

Intelligent software in your computer or server monitors changes in the data from the previous backup and  saves only changed files.  This results in an extremely efficient and reliable backup process.

The backup runs in the background so your business operation remains uninterrupted.


The data is encrypted as it leaves your server and is further encrypted to 1024-bit level on our remote servers, assuring complete protection and privacy of all files.


Easy and fast restoring of data 

Restoring and managing files is simply a case of point and click using a secure online portal.


Fully supported

Installation and support is given  for the full duration of the subscription.
Status reports will be sent to notify you of backup success or failure. These will also be monitored with appropriate action taken.

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